With this rolodex (click here), you will be able to build the ultimate real estate team!

We have put together a resource directory of professionals that we have established relationships with over the years. Many of these people we know personally or come to us with the highest recommendations. Please keep this list and use it as a resource through out the year.

A few of the resources listed are REIN, Rock Star Inner Circle Members and/or real estate investors and have been highlighted for your reference. They obviously “get it” and will be helpful for you.

Hope that helps!



PS – if it is not too much trouble, kindly let them know I sent you

PPS – with some professionals it helps to tell them you are a REIN or RSIC member


  1. Hi Erwin, I am a REIN member and I am looking for your recommendation of a good property manager for Hamilton properties. I appreciate sending your rolodex.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sami, how is big blue treating you? Randy Dalton and Jeff Varcoe are two of the very best PM’s in Hamilton. They’re REIN members, do wonderful work and help many REIN members invest in Hamilton.


  2. Hi Erwin!

    Thanks for the rolodex 🙂

    Just became a part of REIN and am looking forward to my first JV and purchasing something here in the Hammer!!

    ciao brother

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