Thanksgiving 2015!!!!!

When: Morning of Saturday, October 10th, 8:30am. Deliveries will start before 11am and volunteers will be done before noon.

What: Donating, packing baskets, delivering baskets in Hamilton to families who may be without food for Thanksgiving.

Where: Melrose United Church – 85 Stanley Ave, Hamilton, ON  same church on Locke St, Hamilton we used for Easter.

Who: Friends of the Mr. Hamilton Team

How: donations, volunteers, a vehicles for delivery. Contact Maria (at) or Erwin (at) if you would like to participate. Donations can be emailed to either one of us. Cheques can be mailed to 165 Cross Ave #6, Oakville, ON L6J 0A9, ATTN: Erwin.  We are buying wholesale so donations of money will provide highest return of food.


Xmas BrigadeWith all the terrible things going on in the world in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, etc… what’s a good Canadian to do? Other than donate (which I did to Red Cross specific to Syria), is to spread the love. Let strangers know that people care and feel great about yourself in doing so.  I [Erwin] know I feel a great sense of gratitude for all that I have each time we do this type of charity work and seeing the look on people’s faces when the receive food when they would have been without.

Last Christmas, we purchased and sorted groceries for Christmas dinner and delivered them to 34 families (the original plan was six but we made a commitment to not say no to anyone), this past Easter we did the same for 75 families.  For this coming Thanksgiving we will double our efforts again to provide for 150 families.

thank you cardWant to take action and make a difference in peoples’ lives? We want to recruit you because we know, once you’ve participated, you will be hooked on this great feeling you get when making a difference.   You will make these events: Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Basket Brigades a ritual and invite your friends and family because its FUN and your kids will learn about charity and gratitude.

Save the date Saturday morning of October 10th!!  Spreading the love and making a difference. For details on how you can contribute please email Maria (at)

Watch this for Tony Robbin’s story on why he started the basket brigade.  Spoiler alert: when Tony was a boy, he was the recipient of a Thanksgiving basket turning his worst day into the greatest day of his life.

Happy Real Estate Hamilton Ontario Investing Everyone and we hope to see you Oct 10th!

turkey brigade me on stage

The Organizing Committee Thanking the Volunteers and Donors











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