Here's Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in St. Catharines Real Estate

This report outlines the exact reasons why St. Catharines is becoming the next real estate ‘hot spot’ in the GTA for cash flowing income producing properties and it’s full of untapped potential!


Inside the report:

  • Get a full snapshot of the St. Catharines Real Estate Market prices today & what it’ll look like in the near future
  • Learn about the Growing Population Trends in immigration and student housing and the demand it will create
  • Understand how GO Transit expansions and other Infrastructure Projects are increasing the value of real estate

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After you read this report you’ll be ready to hit the streets of St. Catharines in search of your next cash flowing income property!

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We’ll never forget when we started investing in real estate.

It was tough to find Canadian specific information on investing, and it was an even greater challenge to find up to date information on up and coming investment cities like St. Catharines in the current market around the Greater Toronto area.

So we went from book to book, meeting to meeting, searching for people with the first hand knowledge we were looking for.

But we didn’t have any luck.

So we rolled up our sleeves and went at it ourselves.

We worked our way through multiple different investment strategies always chasing the next ‘big secret’ that would make all the difference.

The Invest In St. Catharines Real Estate Team.

The Invest In St. Catharines Real Estate Team.

Until we finally realized that there were no secrets but instead timeless principles that could be slightly altered for any market.

From there we started investing in Hamilton. As we grew what we were doing we got more and more attention from all around the city, then the province, and ultimately the country.

But eventually things started to change. A lot of other people started investing in Hamilton and the prices started to get inflated. Both CBC news and the Huffington Post said that the housing market has become the hottest in all of Canada!

Yes, both Vancouver and Toronto have hot markets in the country, but all the action in Hamilton over the last 5 years has caused house prices to rise faster in Hamilton than anywhere else in the country.

Finding nice homes in nice areas in Hamilton, where the numbers work to ensure positive cash flow from month to month are getting harder and harder to find. Investors are slowly but surely getting priced out. It left us, and many sophisticated investors wondering, “where do we go next?”

Well, after much research and on-the-streets market insights, we’ve now learned it’s St. Catharines.

How do we know this, you might be asking?

It’s because we actually implement the same strategies we share with others, and along with our team, we work with other investors walking them through doing it themselves.

This is the long explanation of why we’re giving away our report “Now is the Right Time to Invest in St. Catharines.” 

A local Invest In St. Catharines Inner Circle meeting with active investors in attendance.

A local Invest In St. Catharines Inner Circle meeting with active investors in attendance.

It outlines all the economic developments, real estate market updates and growing population trends happening right now in St. Catharines.

The report makes a very clear and undeniably strong case for why St. Catharines MUST be on your radar if you want to consider yourself an informed real estate investor.

With the current economic environment we are all living in, with its low interest rates and tightened mortgage lending rules, investors have to search farther out in the GTA to find strategically sound investment properties.

Whether you are a beginner looking to get rolling or an experienced investor who understands that St. Catharines is the next up and coming real estate investment city, you will get value from this report.

You can get your own free copy of the report emailed directly to you by filling out the web form on this page now.

Until next time… happy Canadian real estate investing,

Erwin Szeto

Here’s some feedback from people who have read the report

“Over the past few years since I first met Erwin, he has been up to great things as a real estate investor. His assistance and mentoring to both new and veteran investors to help them grow their portfolios is awesome to watch.”

– Andrew MacDonald, REIN Member, Rock Star Member, owner of Ownership Solutions

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Erwin to anyone who is interested in investing in St. Catharines. Erwin is much more than a real estate agent, he is an expert in investing in real estate. I consider him a coach and a mentor and trust him and his opinions on any real estate related matter. His connections, colleagues and his Invest in St. Catharines team are second to none.”

– Ryan Hindmarsh ~ Rock Star VIP Member

“I would like to comment on my recent purchase experience with Erwin Szeto.  Erwin has been knowledgeable, patient, thorough, well organized, and prompt throughout the entire process.  He was also all of these things in addressing my many questions as a novice investor.  Above all, it is clear that he is a consummate professional in what he does.  I will not hesitate to refer other serious investors to him, and I am looking forward to getting the next deal completed with Erwin very soon.”

– Andy and Tsukasa Tran ~ Investor, REIN Member, Certified Home Inspector

Why Are We Giving This Report Away?

We hope that by sharing good, solid, fundamentally correct information with you that you may one day decide to work with us to buy, sell or invest in property. Simple as that. We believe in “giving first” as a way to show you we know our stuff!

What Can You Expect After Reading the Book?

Our goal is to give you insights into owning property that you may have never had before using actual examples and real-life case studies. We cover both the positive aspects of investing in real estate and the negative and have found that understanding both can be very helpful.

What Happens After You Request The Book?After you submit your email address we’ll email you a digital copy of our report. You will also join the 12,893 subscribers receiving our free weekly email newsletter featuring real estate investing updates, articles & videos. What happens after that is completely up to you. If you’d like to request some case studies of clients we have worked with you’re more than welcome to or if you’d just like to get a copy of the report and not doing anything else, well then of course, that’s fine too.

What Should You Expect As Results?

Inside the report you will learn about the current economic developments taking place in St. Catharines that will help you find properties that can produce more in rental revenues than they cost in mortgage expenses. And, if you are ever interested, you can reach out to us for even more client case studies – we’re more than willing to share them.

Why Searching For St. Catharines Information on Investing Is Important?

The fact that you’re searching for St. Catharines specific information on real estate investing means that you’re just like us. You’re looking at real estate as a way to change your financial future. When we started there were very few Canadians who helped other Canadians with St. Catharines real estate and that’s why we put together this information. Hopefully you find it as useful as we have.



1. Although many of our clients have purchased a rental property and are enjoying great success with it, there are no guarantees with real estate, anything can happen, and we cannot guarantee that you will have the same experiences.

2. Also, please note that each person’s investing success depends on their own efforts, market conditions at the time and economic environments that can change at any time.

3. You should know that every effort has been made to accurately represent the investing models we share.

4. We want to be extremely transparent with you. We are not lawyers or accountants. Any legal or financial advice is our opinion based on our own experiences. Always seek the advice of a licensed professional before acting on any real estate related decisions you may make.

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